Nick-named the 'me' decade, 'please yourself' was the catchword of the 1970s. Many saw it as the end of good taste. The decade began with a continuation of the hippie look of the late 1960s. Jeans remained frayed, tie dye was still popular, and the fashion for unisex mushroomed. The 1970s were literally the "anything goes" decade. For some, the uglier and clunkier the fashion, the better. For others, soft and feminine was the answer. No matter what style, making a fashion statement reached its apex in the 1970s.

Fall 1971 Sears catalog Fashionable skirt styles of 1972 Bright colored gown in splashy prints - 1970s Knit wear dressing reminiscent of the 1930s - 1970s
"Charlie's Angels" - 1970s "Saturday Night Fever" - 1977 "Annie Hall" - 1977 Fashion - 1970s