Until the 1960s Paris was considered to be the center of fashion throughout the world. However, in between 1960 and 1969 a radical shake-up occurred in the fundamental structure of fashion. From the 1960s onward there would never be just one single, prevailing trend or fashion but a great plethora of possibilities, indivisibly linked to all the various influences in other areas of people's lives. For perhaps the first time in history there was an independent youth fashion, that was not based on the conventions of an older age group. In stark contrast to their mature, ultra-feminine mothers, the women of the 1960s adopted a girlish, childlike style, with short skirts and straightened curves, reminiscent to the look of the 1920s. At the start of the decade skirts were knee-high but steadily became shorter and shorter until the mini-skirt emerged in 1965. The principal change in menswear in the '60s was in the weight of the fabric used. The spread of jeans served to accelerate a radical change in the male wardrobe.

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