The 1920s was the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. It was the decade in which women first liberated themselves from constricting fashions and began to wear comfortable clothes (such as short skirts or pants). Men likewise abandoned overly formal clothes and began to wear sport clothes for the first time. The suits which men still wear today are still based, for the most part, on those which were worn by men in the late 1920s. The 1920s were characterized by two distinct periods of fashion. The early 1920s were relatively conservative in nature and changes progressed slowly as many were reluctant to adopt the new styles. From 1925, the styles that have been associated with the Roaring Twenties were passionately embraced by the public and would continue characterize fashion until late in 1930.

Des Roses Dans La Nuit - Illustration by George Barbier - 1921 Woman's bathing suit - 1920s Illustration of fashion from a lady's magazine - 1923 Illustration from Falbalas et Fanfreluches - 1923
Short sleeved red and white dress from 1924 Long-sleeved, low-waist red and white patterned autumn dress from 1925 Oriental Style Fashion - 1920s Fashions for Autumn of 1928