Fashion in the period 1900-1909 in European and European-influenced countries continued the long elegant lines of the 1890s. Tall, stiff collars characterize the period, as do women's broad hats and full "Gibson girl" hairstyles. A new, columnar silhouette introduced by the couturiers of Paris late in the decade signaled the approaching abandonment of the corset as an indispensable garment of fashionable women. For fashionable men, the long, lean, and athletic silhouette of the 1890s persisted. Hair was generally worn short. Beards were less pointed than before and moustaches were often curled.

Fashion - 1901 Portrait by Giovanni Boldini - 1905 Portrait of Miss Eden - 1905 Arrow Shirt Collar advertisement - 1907
"Standard Fashions" newspaper insert of 1908 Fashion plate of evening gowns with hats - 1909 Fashionable Londoners in front of Harrods, 1909 Hugo Reisinger - 1907