MinoanMinoan Civilization

The Minoans lived around the same time as the Egyptians but had a completely different style of dress. The Minoans were one of the earliest cultures to show a more complex design of clothing.Waists were bound with wide belts that topped tiered skirts, flounced in rings. The bodices were cut so low that the breasts were completely exposed.Minoans used linen, wool, or blends of the two. They also used embroidarie techniques.

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Minoan men wore loincloths and kilts. Minoan women fashion looks much more complex than the fashion of classical Greece. They wore robes that were open to the navel and had short sleeves and layered flounced skirts. The patterns on clothes emphasized symmetrical geometric designs.


Minoan women also had the option of wearing a strapless fitted bodice, probably the first fitted garment or corset known in history. It reappeared again more than 3000 years later in the Renaissance.